[EVENT RECAP] #MommyBrainPlaydate

MommyBrainPlayDate Flyer.png

On August 11, we participated in the inaugural #MommyBrainPlaydate powered by MOMMY BRAiN! This event was hosted at the lovely Snooknuk Cafe in Larchmont Village. We did a book reading and talked about the importance of embracing our uniqueness.

Couldn't make it? Don't worry - Dusty Roze produced a recap of the day:

Below are some of our favorite outakes from the day. Pictured below are the women behind the brands (from left to right):

Ravelle Worthington, founder of MOMMY BRAiN. Through her site and live events, you're able to connect with like-minded moms. Peruse her site and you'll find fun places to take your kids and product reviews from trusted sources.

Jennifer Vassel, founder of I Am Unique! We're sure you know her already (wink). But in case you don't, you can visit our About page.

Cheri Jacobs, founder of Snooknuk Cafe. This cafe/play place is any kid's DREAM. It features a magical indoor playground for kids and a performing arts studio with a top notch line up of classes. You can even host birthday parties here - just ask actor Lance Gross and singer Kelly Rowland!


We couldn't get over how cute and yummy the Erin cupcakes were! They were provided by Celebrate by Shawn. Check them out for your next themed kid event - they even have a candy cart you can rent!


#MommyBrainPlaydate was a hit. The kids were engaged during the reading, and later had fun playing and snacking on the cupcakes. One little girl was eager to snag a picture with Erin. Is it just us, or is the resemblance uncanny?!


Make sure you stay close to MOMMY BRAiN, as they'll have other curated #MommyBrainPlaydate events for you and your littles to enjoy.